Coming soon, on CBS, “Destination Miami”
April 10, 2023

Coming soon, on CBS, “Destination Miami”, will be featuring Oditto Gallery and Celeste Jones Interiors! This CBS television series will be highlighting us as one of the best immersive galleries in Florida. Oditto Gallery has captivating art that comes with the NFT, and Celeste Jones Interiors offers amazing custom art at reasonable price points. Our interior design team will  help to design your space for the art, or will assist to create the art for the space. Airing July 2023, stay tuned!

Thursday, April 6th

Oditto Gallery hosts a range of exciting events that appeal to young minded and culturally diverse audiences. Events include: Charity Events, Weekly Exhibitions, Paint and Sip Classes, Private Parties, Art Trivia Nights, NFT Drop Parties, Web3 Onboarding, Crypto Meetups, and Trade Events for Interior Designers.  Oditto Gallery has created a vibrant and engaging atmosphere that encourages people to explore new ideas and connect with others in the community. Check out eventbrite for more details, dates, and times.