Community Highlights: Meet Celeste Jones of Oditto Gallery
April 23, 2024

Community Highlights: Meet Celeste Jones of Oditto Gallery

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Celeste Jones.

Celeste’s Journey: As an art-focused interior designer, Celeste Jones has a knack for integrating custom art seamlessly into her clients’ spaces. This success led her to venture into the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) space, ultimately founding, a digital art gallery in the metaverse. She subsequently expanded to establish a physical gallery as well, offering physical art alongside NFTs to demystify the NFT experience for clients.

Overcoming Challenges: Celeste embraces life’s challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth. In her professional endeavors, she emphasizes innovation and unconventional marketing strategies, pushing boundaries and setting new standards within the industry.

About Oditto Gallery: Oditto Gallery stands out for its fusion of physical and digital art, presenting a diverse collection of contemporary artists. The gallery’s innovative approach includes both physical and metaverse exhibitions, enhancing the art experience. Collaborating with Celeste Jones Interiors, Oditto offers personalized design services that harmonize art with living spaces.

Services Offered

Complimentary Interior Design Evaluations: Virtual consultations to create spaces that complement artwork.

Custom Art Creation: Tailored art pieces coordinated with clients’ preferences and architectural styles.

Exciting Events and Exhibitions: Range of events fostering community engagement and education in art and design.

Advice for Beginners: Celeste emphasizes immersion in the design and art world, advocating for continuous education, networking, and experimentation. She encourages aspiring professionals to trust their instincts and remain authentic to their creative vision.