Explore Perceptions

Gabe Weis is a mixed-media and NFT artist living in the Bay Area. The self-taught artist is inspired by urban art and stoic philosophy and uses a stream-of-consciousness approach to his work to explore perceptions of reality. 

His physical and digital works are shown internationally. This past year, his work has been shown at the Venice Biennale, Picasso Museum, Seattle Art Fair, and various galleries throughout Asia and the United States. 


Digital & Physical Art

Gabe recently launched The Stoics, a 5,000-piece NFT collection that sold out in minutes and represents his personal philosophy of resilience through stoicism. 


Crafting Materials

Gabe is committed to sustainability in his craft.  By reusing older materials found around the house such as cereal boxes, maps, and old dictionaries to create timeless works, he hopes his work inspires others to reuse materials as part of their art practice.”