Interview with Bold Journey | Meet Celeste Jones
July 09, 2024

Interview with Bold Journey | Meet Celeste Jones

Here at Bold Journey, we recently had the pleasure of interviewing Celeste Jones, founder of Oditto Gallery and Celeste Jones Interiors. Jones shared insights into her resilience, which she attributes to her passion for art and design, adaptability, and a supportive community. Growing up in an artistic environment instilled a deep appreciation for creativity, driving her to overcome challenges and innovate continuously.

Oditto Art Gallery, located in Palm Beach and the Metaverse, is a hybrid space showcasing both physical and NFT digital art. It features a diverse collection of award-winning artists and offers an immersive experience that transcends traditional art boundaries. In collaboration with Celeste Jones Interiors, the gallery provides personalized interior design services, allowing clients to visualize artworks in their spaces virtually.

Jones emphasizes three key qualities that have been crucial in her journey: passion, adaptability, and attention to detail. She advises newcomers to immerse themselves in their field, stay open to change, and strive for excellence in all aspects of their work.

Eager to explore new partnerships, Jones seeks collaboration with architects, realtors, and developers who share her vision of integrating art, design, and architecture to create extraordinary spaces.

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