Asli Özok “LIFE” 2018 Oil and Swarovski beads on canvas

Dimensions: 59 x 51in

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This painting is from the series of works called “Barcode”. This looks and addresses globalization of symbols in this modern society. Specifically looking at consumerism of different brands in the world. Within this painting the shoal of fish represents Humans. That we are swimming together but not in unison or in any coordinated formation. That as a flock we are impulsive, we are not same but are influenced by these brands giving us new identities and a badge that is shown to others. We are all a part of the modern day and the brands around us. All of which influence our collective identities. This painting shows a combined image of a barcode and the shoal of fish. The barcode is comprised of the Louis Vuitton logo with Swarovski beaded fish embedded on top of the painting.

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