Brazilian Awarded Fine Artist

Rogério Peixoto's paintings reflect his passion for detail and unique perspective. His intricate oil and acrylic works on linen have earned him worldwide acclaim and awards.


A native of Brazil, Peixoto graduated with a degree in technical design. He began painting in a self-taught style, specializing in highly detailed and one-of-a-kind paintings on linen.


Peixoto's artwork is collected by art enthusiasts all over the world. His detailed style and unique perspective continues to wow viewers and collectors alike.


About Rogerio

Since 2008, Brazilian artist Rogério Peixoto has been using implicit realism techniques to create works with finite detail. His artfully signed pieces have caught the eye of notable collectors, art salons, and galleries around the world for their originality.

In addition to his artistic career, Peixoto is also involved in social projects that help underprivileged children in Brazil and other countries. His commitment to helping others is evident in his work, which often highlights the beauty and potential of those who are often overlooked.

Through his art, Peixoto seeks to bring attention to the importance of helping others and celebrating diversity. By creating pieces that highlight the unique perspectives of different people, he hopes to inspire others to see the world in a new light. In a globalized world, Peixoto’s work reminds us of the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures.


Words by Rogerio

Rogério Peixoto never imagined that he would become a visual artist. He has always worked as a technical draftsman, designing machines and tools for the industry. He also worked as a police officer in São Paulo-Brazil for 17 years.

One day he was fighting organized crime and the next day he was an artist. It was like going from Heaven to Hell… but his installations will transport you into Kusama’s. This exhibition is a rare chance to experience two of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms.

Special Attributes

How you create your art and also disciplines used and why.

It all starts with a simple sketch made in Photoshop, there I have the freedom and the possibility of mistakes and successes.  Then I make the design on high quality pure linen, using pencil or brush.  I use the same technique as the old masters (anchoring technique) starting with paint and solvent, without mediums and adding oil in the following layers, this will give the Piece much more, flexibility, durability and certainly a lot of quality…….

The Big shot Rogerio