Emotional Intensity

Serge Strosberg was born in the United States and raised in Europe. He received classical training at the prestigious Academie Julian and Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts in Paris. In 2008, he exhibited his work at the Felix Nussbaum Museum (Germany) and the Musee de Pontoise (Paris) in Germany with Lucian Freud, Philip Pearlstein, Chaim Soutine, and Alex Katz in major group exhibitions of realist painting.


Strosberg's work is characterized by its precise draftsmanship, muted palette, and psychological density. His paintings often explore the human condition, depicting solitary figures lost in thought or engaged in simple tasks. There is a sense of introspection and melancholy in his work, which reflects the artist's own temperament.


About Serge

Serge Strosberg’s oil portraits have been commissioned by many families and institutions in the Palm beaches and elsewhere in the US. His clients include courthouses, banks, schools, headmasters, executives, ambassadors, federal judges, professors, doctors, veterans and children from prominent families from the island of Palm Beach. Serge Strosberg’s oil portraits have been sought out for their ability to capture the inner life and personality of the subject. His unique style and approach to painting brings out the best in his subjects, making them look natural and relaxed while maintaining a strong sense of presence.

Strosberg’s paintings have been exhibited in solo shows at the Lighthouse Art Center, Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, the Armory Art Center and are currently being featured at the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County (until June 25). His work can be found in many private and corporate collections in the US and abroad.



Some artists focus on capturing the physical likeness of their subjects, while others strive to capture their essence. Serge Strosberg falls into the latter category. His portraits are influenced by artists like Andrew Wyeth, Nan Goldin, Alice Neel, Modigliani and Lucian Freud. They are not just hyper-naturalistic but ooze with personality and character.

Strosberg has the ability to capture the essence of his subjects and infuse their psychological acumen, and emotional intensity. This makes his portraits some of the most fascinating and compelling images you’ll ever see.


Strosberg’s portraits consist of subjects of all generations, races and genders that he expresses as his “Humankind” collection. In January-February 2023, Strosberg will be presenting a contemporary and whimsical take on Henry Flagler and the Gilded Age at the Cultural County for Palm Beach County.

Serge tripping Spiderman