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Shop Tran$parent Collections

Hi, my name is TRAN$PARENT and I am an ultra fine money artist from Miami. I specialize in creating art using real money. My work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions all over the world.

My mission is to create art that inspires people to think about money in a new and different way. I believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and that's why I offer my art at affordable prices.

Josh Leidolf is the visionary artist behind TRAN$PARENT, a gallery award-winning luxury currency art project. With decades of experience in painting and photography, Josh has collected rare international currencies from over 50 countries and combined his knowledge to create something truly unique – vibrant artwork based on world currencies. His work aims to bring life to these currencies, to represent their history and the people who use them. With a mission to constantly evolve his art with the times and with the people, Josh has set out on a revolutionary path that no one has yet accomplished. If you're looking for something truly special, you'll want to check out TRAN$PARENT's work – it's sure to make a statement!

Tran$parent "ALWAYS EVOLVE" 2022 Pigment ink & acrylic on metalic paper , resin finish 1/1


Dimension: 30 x 30in