About Vincent Zuniaga

As a digital artist, my creative journey has been an exploration of the intersection where technology, art, and science converge, unlocking endless possibilities. It has been a long and enriching path that has led me to develop a unique technique and style that encapsulates something truly remarkable and captivating. My art, known as "Vanishing Lines," is a manifestation of this journey, one that relies on the active participation of viewers and the depths of their imagination.

In Vanishing Lines, the art truly materializes within the observer's mind. The convergence of the vanishing point, meticulously crafted lines, and the eloquent interplay of negative space collectively give shape to the art. Vibrant and intense colors juxtaposed against a stark black background, printed on metal, lend a three-dimensional quality that makes the artwork leap to life.

The genesis of this concept arose from a conversation with my closest friend, and it evolved into a profoundly creative process. I explored myriad avenues until the idea and its execution seamlessly melded together. Choosing to print on aluminum was a pivotal decision, affording me the ability to preserve the vibrancy of colors in their full intensity.



My inspiration for employing lines in this manner draws from the pointillism technique pioneered by George Seurat. Additionally, my early visits to art museums with my grandmother in Caracas, Venezuela, and my mother’s collection of biographies of famous artists have greatly shaped this body of work. Each piece within this collection is a homage to them, as well as a tribute to my unwavering best friend who has always believed in me.