welcome To Oditto Gallery

Oditto Gallery is the fist fully hybrid gallery in the world offering digital certification with every piece of art. Investing in art from Oditto Gallery is unlike collecting art from any other gallery because Oditto cares about their artists and collectors.

Every piece of art is certified with the digital authenticity allowing collectors to have the peace of mind that the art they are investing in is protected and registered on the blockchain. Artists benefit from future sales and collectors gain an additional piece of art that can be gifted, kept, traded, or sold. Oditto cares and is the trusted gallery for collectors and artists who want more than what a traditional gallery has to offer.

Inquire now by emailing: [email protected]


205 Worth Ave
Palm Beach, Fl 33480

9663 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

(561) 490 3221

[email protected]

  • Located on Palm Beach Island just off of N County Road
  • Attached to the Historic Theater with a Cafe Next Door
  • Across the street from a Bank of America Financial Center
  • Close to the intersection name Sunrise Ave Darrell to Sunset Ave



All transactions are 100% safe and secure using all major credit cards for a smooth transaction.  Purchase with ease knowing that we take care of our collectors by making sure the art you're buying is available and ready for pick up or shipping if need be.

We provide peace of mind with our first fully hybrid gallery in the world showcasing well known artists and one of a kind art that sells only at Oditto Gallery.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?
Oditto Gallery is located at 139 N County Rd Suite 11, Palm Beach, FL 33480 Email us with any questions: [email protected]
What are your opening hours?
Monday - Saturday 11am-5pm & Sunday or other times by Appointment
Is there a shop or cafe?
There is a cafe right next door to us in case you need a pick me up
How accessible is the gallery?
Extremely! There is a large parking lot located on the side of the building and street parking.
What does the digital authenticity certify?
We are the first fully hybrid gallery in the world to offer a digital certificate of authenticity as well as an NFT of the physical piece.
How many artists will I expect at your gallery?
We have new artists coming to our gallery on a monthly basis signing local and world renown artists from all walks of life. We carry modern, edgy and classy designs at Oditto.
What is our dress code for the gallery?
Well were located right near the beach on Palm Beach Island so we know your here enjoying your day. Come how you are and take something home with you!
Where can I learn more about Oditto?
You can read about us in our blogs, our NFT site Oditto.io, watch our many tutorial videos on YouTube and enjoy the stories we prepare to share with all of our collectors.
How do I follow Odttio on Social Media?
We have Facebook, instagram, TikTok, Discord and Twitter. Locate our social icons below on the footer page to see what’s going on!