Wrapping up another season for animal lovers in Palm Beach
June 11, 2023

Wrapping up another season for animal lovers in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a haven for pet lovers, filled with heartwarming stories of extraordinary dogs and vibrant pet-centric events. From a clever canine named William of Worth Avenue to parties celebrating beloved pets, the community embraces the joy and companionship that animals bring. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the spirit of love and devotion towards our furry friends remains strong. Let’s dive into the fascinating tales and pet-centric events that have unfolded in Palm Beach.

Roberta Weiss and Sol Tezcan were in for a surprise when they moved to Palm Beach and encountered a large dog roaming the hallways of their new condo. They soon discovered that this independent pup, known as William of Worth Avenue, had a knack for opening doors and even riding elevators. Originally found in a trash bin, William was fostered by Eames Yates and his wife, Pamela Taylor Yates. As they formed a bond, Eames even learned Spanish to communicate with his four-legged companion, as William understood only that language. Their remarkable abilities and the backstory of William have captured the fascination of the Palm Beach community.

The pandemic may have put a damper on people parties, but it also affected pet celebrations. However, the trend of throwing birthday parties for beloved dogs and cats is making a comeback. Celeste Jones, for instance, had to postpone her Maltese, Bunny’s, first birthday party due to the pandemic but made up for it with a grand celebration for her second birthday. Jones intends to continue this tradition every year, emphasizing the importance of commemorating special moments with our furry family members. Even amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19, many pet owners remained determined to shower their pets with love and joy.

Deborah Robinson, a local author, discovered solace and inspiration during the pandemic through her four-legged companions. Her golden retriever, chocolate Lab, springer spaniel, and German shepherds acted as muses, providing comfort and serving as a welcome distraction during moments of writer’s block. Robinson’s novel, “Lily Rose,” blossomed with the support of her beloved pets, reminding us of the healing power of animals and the wonders of nature.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Palm Beach continued to host several noteworthy pet-centric events. Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s 50th annual Christmas Ball raised nearly a million dollars, demonstrating the community’s unwavering support for animal welfare. The 21st annual Barry Crown Walk for the Animals saw a gathering of almost 700 people and their four-legged companions, raising around $150,000 for the cause. American Humane hosted various events, including a “Pups4Patriots” Dinner Dance and a “Pups FOREPatriots” Golf Invitational & Luncheon, highlighting the importance of service animals and honoring their contributions. Big Dog Ranch Rescue organized the annual Wine Women & Shoes event at Mar-a-Lago, while Save A Pet held a captivating pet party at Café Sapori, celebrating the dedication of philanthropist Renee Morrison.

Palm Beach also welcomed a new addition to its furry community—a Miki dog named Piki. Piki became a cherished member of the family of Paul Noble and his wife, joining them after the loss of their beloved dog. These rare and registered crossbreeds are a delightful blend of Maltese, teacup Shih-tzu, Papillon, Japanese chin, and Yorkie. With their small size and endearing qualities, Miki dogs are poised to capture the hearts of Palm Beach residents who have a fondness for petite pups.